Matus Granec

is a professional freelance documentary and portrait photographer based in Bratislava, Slovakia. He was born in 1991 in the little town of Prievidza in Slovakia where he was led into photography by his grandmother, a former documentary photographer. He stood on his own two feet in 2012 and made up his own opinion on photography.

First he found himself in reportage and street photography. Later, he added people to his reportage who weren't just random passersby anymore. One year after his graduation (2011) he started to photograph professionaly. He traveled to England, (more precisely to London) where he worked as a commercial and fashion photograher. After this he came back to Slovakia and from 2015 he works as a freelance photographer in the capital city. He founded advertising agency called Creatívci in 2017.


Solo exhibitions:

Tereza Nosková - Gallery F7 Bratislava 2017
Dáma na toalete - Hopkirk gallery Bratislava 2015
London shutter - Gallery miniArt Bratislava 2015
Pictures of England, England of Pictures - Ars Preuge Prievidza 2012
Blue Love - The story of tattoo from mummies to art - Gallery Region Art Prievidza 2012

Co - exhibitions:

Winter Selection 6 - Rupture - Flat Gallery Bratislava 2017
Autumn art saloon - Fresh Market - Hopkirk gallery Bratislava 2016
Who Art You 3 - Shades of Bratislava - Milan, Italy 2014
Fotokino ´10 (I., II. and V.) - Kino Banik - Prievidza 2010 - 2011
Roots and shoots of Karol Plicka - Gallery Region Art Prievidza 2010

Upcoming exhibitions:

Tereza Nosková - Milan, Italy 2018


Finalist of Photomaraton Bratislava 2012
AMFO - Slovak national competition of photography - 1st prize in colour photography 2010
AMFO - County competition of photography - 3st prize in colour photography 2010
Letter of thanks for his contribution to the culture of the Upper Nitra in photography 2010
PRIZMA - regional photography competition - several prizes 2008 - 2010



Tereza Nosková

personal projects

When I thought about what Matúš Granec's photographic work describes, as well as the presented cycle called TEREZA NOSKOVÁ, I immediately came to an association with the famous Nan Goldin, for whom photography is a life and a life is a photography. Parallel, for me, Matúš's desire is to freeze the unstoppable time and the changes that this medium has.

   Matúš's work is a bit sad-serious, but at the same time it's poetic to him. The theme of the exhibition is the life stages and personal transformations of photographer and model Tereza Nosková, which Matúš captured during the year and a half. The fact that they are already joining a strong friendship and human bond has provided the basis for the possibility of penetrating into the intimate world of one human being. The postmodern visual language of uncovering human communication, as well as the personal desires and crises of the model as well as the photographer, created an interesting combination. Matúš found himself in various situations during the photo shooting. And as Tereza's time flowed, Matúš captured with exposure time her emotional communication with her relatives, mood and emotions. In fact, he became an "official voayeur" of her day-to-day activities and mood, she became his muse and they became support for each other. As Matúš describes, Tereza changed every month after she moved, changed her hair, her attitudes to life, her behavior, and her relationships with people. Matúš's ambivalent relationship to the identity of a being like Tereza has brought with him fear and admiration. Yes, Tereza likes to risk and her life is three times faster than most people, but that means she lives fully.

   So there were created a chronicle of Tereza's emotions, full of bruises on the body and soul. Intimate moments captured by a small aperture and Matúš's subjective view of film material evoke small fragments of our lives. Tereza is once a bed queen on Matúš's shots, sometimes the princess of a fresh Sunday morning, her look and looks vary depending on the momentary mood and mental state. The environment that Matúš chose for photography does not allow other contexts than those that are kind of "passion" of the Tereza world, and we, as spectators, can feel for a moment that we have found herself in her thoughts. Matúš also admits his presence as a photographer, which distorts to a certain extent the unified line of testimony about Tereza's world, but at the same time confirms the aforementioned ambivalence of their relationship. Sometimes Tereza looks too directly, sometimes she is just caught. Whenever Matúš presents her impressionistically and dreamlike, sometimes raw and real. Sometimes elements of fashion photography, sometimes the absolute diary form of Matúš images, flow in some parallel worlds next to each other. Drugs and sexual toys are in contrast to the gutsiness and dream illusion of the perfection of fashionable toy Barbie, or we could say that just to disturb this illusion with the progressive drying and destruction evoking flowers on the window. Because the reality may be different from what we think, because the modern Ophelia is in many today's women because Matúš sees Teresa as being "cast" into our world by accident, a little child, a little woman, looking for pure human feelings and a path from this existence, as we all.

   The presented cycle could also have the name Of Tereza and Matúš, as Matúš's period of maturity (as he himself says) will always be associated with Tereza's fast pace of being, and for Tereza his photographs will forever mirror her most intense feelings, because just spontaneity and desire to uncover connected them in a certain moment of life. Matúš captures the reality with the same desire that Tereza lives with ...


Petra Cepková

Fresh Market

personal projects

Projekt Fresh Market vznikol v oblasti Algarských vodopádov a na rybom trhu v španielskom meste Valencia ako subjektívna reflexia turistami masovo navštevovaných miest, ale aj ekologických dôsledkov ľudskej činnosti, ktoré sa dotýkajú nie len prírodných ekosystémov, ale v konečnom dôsledku aj našich životov. Spoločným motívom diptychov, raz explicitným, raz nepriamo evokovaným je voda, ktorú na rôzne účely (od pitia ako existenčnej nevyhnutnosti až po jej turistický potenciál) využívame všetci. Rôznymi aktivitami človeka pritom dochádza na jednej strane k vymieraniu niektorých druhov žijúcich v oceáne, na druhej strane k riadenému masovému chovu živočíchov určených na zabitie a konzumáciu. Tak, ako sa v Algarských vodopádoch hmýria ľudia, inde sa v umelých nádržiach tlčia ryby.

Dokument Fresh Market vznikol ako reakcia na túto situáciu, paradoxnosť, protikladnosť, plytvanie zdrojmi a nezmyselnosť či bizarnosť niektorých ľudských aktivít.

Text: Ľuboš Lehotský

MUSES - at their homes

personal projects

Project Muses is about women, muses, woman body and its fragility. It´s about being, sexuality and diversity.
Models: Tereza, Dominika, Noemi, Barbora, Natalia

London shutter

personal projects

London Shutter is a reportage diary of my living in London. It says about random or nonrandom situations that perhaps changed my life or at least gave me unforgettable experiences. My thoughts, deep desire and the point of my view of this city.

2014 - 2015

Mauro Mazzara

personal projects

Italian painter, illustrator and artist

Milan, Italy

Pictures of England, England of Pictures

personal projects

Brighton and London, United Kingdom


Vrzala Exclusive


hair, makeup artist: Lucia Šenková
model: Eli P. heriett models / Tomáš M., Marcus D. exit model management

The Church


Model: Natalia Gocman agency - Oxygen models
MUA: Laura Meloni



models: Constanza Z., Dominika G.

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