Matúš Granec


Matus Granec

is documentary photographer based in Bratislava, Slovakia. He was born in 1991 in the little town of Prievidza in Slovakia where he was led into photography by his grandmother, a former documentary photographer. He stood on his own two feet in 2008 and made up his own opinion on photography.

First he found himself in reportage and street photography. Later, he added people to his reportage who weren't just random passersby anymore. Then he was looking for curves and the right light to capture these individuals at their best. One year after his graduation he started to photograph professionaly. He traveled to England, (more precisely to London) where he worked as a commercial and fashion photograher. After this he came back to Slovakia and from 2015 he works as a freelance photographer in the capital city.


Solo exhibitions:

2015 Dáma na toalete - Hopkirk gallery Bratislava
2015 London shutter - Gallery miniArt Bratislava
2012 Pictures of England, England of Pictures - Ars Preuge Prievidza
2012 Blue Love - The story of tattoo from mummies to art - Gallery Region Art Prievidza

Co - exhibitions:

2010 - 2011 Fotokino ´10 (I., II. and V.) - Kino Banik - Prievidza
2010 Roots and shoots of Karol Plicka - Gallery Region Art Prievidza


2014 Finalist of international competition of artists Who Art You 3 - Milan, Italy
2012 Finalist of Fotomaraton Bratislava
2010 AMFO - Slovak national competition of photography - 1st prize in colour photography
2010 AMFO - County competition of photography - 3st prize in colour photography
2010 Letter of thanks for his contribution to the culture of the Upper Nitra in photography
2008 - 2010 PRIZMA - regional photography competition - several prizes

Editorials and publications:

B - Authentique (France) - editorial
Artacademy - photoreport
Artacademy - photoreport

My Works


Hidden Antinomy

personal projects

Antinomy (Greek ἀντί, antí, "against, in opposition to," and νόμος, nómos, "law") literally means the mutual incompatibility, real or apparent, of two laws. Hidden antinomy is about people, about my close friends, family and contradictions that are part of their lives.

open, objective and busy friend looking for the calm and peace
a talented, purposeful and self-confident photographer

My grandmother
Former photographer and videomaker, my teacher of finding the right light.
Remembering to the old times, family and people we can't take back

My father
strong, mindful, loving father
talented musician seeking for success and happines

poet, dreamer, friend and coffee lover.
Photographer, artist seeking for moody pictures of his busy life

My sister
Talented and smart emerging singer and an artist
student with a lot of duties

My mother
loving, tidy, kind and wise person
teacher of the singing , theory and history of the music

London shutter

personal projects

London Shutter is a reportage diary of my living in London. It says about random or nonrandom situations that perhaps changed my life or at least gave me unforgettable experiences. My thoughts, deep desire and the point of my view of this city.

2014 - 2015

Pictures of England, England of Pictures

personal projects

Brighton and London, United Kingdom


Mauro Mazzara

personal projects

Italian painter, illustrator and artist

Milan, Italy

Many shades of Bratislava

personal projects

Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia.
The nature disappears and the urbanism has no borders.

I have tried to show to people the nature and its importance. Many shades becouse of a lot of smog, a lot of meaningless buildings and many closed eyes of Slovaks.

The Church


Model: Natalia Gocman agency - Oxygen models
MUA: Laura Meloni

Fashion. Commerce. London


muah: Aga Pro Make Up

for Ukecigs 2014



model: Kristina Sikorskaja, Metro Models
designer: Erika Janavi
MUAH: Margarita Glushkova


Analogue Fashion


models: Constanza Z., Dominika G.



Advertising photography, Architecture Photography, Fashion and Glamour photography, Portrait and wedding photography



Still life photography, Food photography

Graphic Design


Graphic Design, Logo Design & Corporate Identity.

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